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Pulsar Tiles

Who We Are

Pulsar Tiles is leasing Digital Wall Tiles manufacturers or also exporters. It’s highly qualified and certified company. Us we have a support of Well-managed Marketing and Distributors Channel for even distribution of our manufactured tiles nationally and in Overseas Market. We produce a wide range of digital wall tiles sitting of your bathroom, kitchen, polished marble tiles are suitable to your garden corporate office or more your favorite spaces.

Always respect a client satisfaction so, we never underestimate the clients requirements. Every time experts making new design and new innovation to fulfill it. our every order is very challenging to us we are always ready to take it.

Increasing the market competitors and different coming customers demand we consider on always update our products and quality with the new innovation and modern technology using our effort and R&D. Every month we added a new design, colors and finishing. Over all products available include polished, wooden, metallic, stain, clay, stone, etc. suitable for both commercial, hotels and for residential space.

Pulsar provide satisfaction against value.

Services we provide

Pulsar Sourcing division is first establishment in tiles industry for creation of customized services in international trade. We created by the needs of customer and lack of services from manufacturer. We work to provide the services in international trade and satisfy the customer needs with keep good faith for the customer. We believes in services with sales process and satisfaction after sales thus because we bring a pack of services and accomplishment of your needs in international trade.

Mission and Vision

To be the most respected and honorable suppliers, we fulfill customer’s respect by give innovative products and their solutions. And also do on so Our effort says No one can say we are not able to provide their desirable products or quality in value. Our vision to manufacture word class tiles items or supplying globally.

We have gain the trust and support our valuable customers and suppliers. As we believe to be one of the greatest brands of the world, we aspire in rising of our goal to make eco friendly products to build a prototype to save some environment.


Design & Lifestyle

The Ceramica Pulsar collections offer a wide range of colours, sizes and finishes for maximum versatility and coordination. Aesthetics are the priority, but beauty alone is not enough to add value, unless it is supported by the guarantee of superior quality and safety of use.

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